Metro Authorities Issue Safety Warning to ‘Pokemon Go' Gamers

Transit authorities on Tuesday warned Pokemon Go gamers not to play while driving and stay aware of their surroundings, but also alerted riders to PokeStops at many Metro Rail stations.

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game app released this month with players competing to hunt virtual Pokemon characters. The anime characters in the
artificial reality game can be spotted in real world settings through a smartphone camera.

Metro issued a statement reminding ``players to obey the first and most important rule of the game: Be alert at all times. Stay aware of your

Meanwhile, Metro is taking advantage of Pokemon creatures appearing on buses, trains and in stations -- and the hundreds of gamers chasing them -- to encourage more transit ridership.

A new Twitter handle, @PokemonGOMetro, helps riders map the location of
PokeStops where they can gather more virtual equipment and offers other game tips.

Numerous Metro Rail stations also serve as ``gyms'' where players can train and battle their characters.

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