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Officials Warn Standing Water Is Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes, Disease

Officials are warning residents across Los Angeles of abandoned pools, saying the standing murky, dirty water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and disease.

Even if residents don't have abandoned pools in their neighborhood, Los Angeles County Vector Control recommends to still be aware. Mosquitoes can grow from an egg to an adult in one week in even just a few teaspoons of water.

An abandoned backyard pool in Glassell Park produces 10,000 mosquitoes per week, according to vector control.

"That's ridiculous," said Joe Conte, who lives next door. "It's a health hazard."

Conte said the pool has been a hot spot for mosquito breeding since the renter of the home was hauled off to jail 10 months ago.

"Either the city or somebody needs to step in and help us out here because it's a health hazard," he said.

Vector control has been treating this pool since August, but the city can't drain the pool because the owner can't be found.

Residents of a Toluca Lake neighborhood have the same problem. Mindy Fortune and her daughter play in a yard that's next to a vacant home with an abandoned pool.

"Vector control has been coming out and spraying for mosquitoes but it's not taking care of the problem, it's just delaying it," Fortune said.

City officials have found the owner of the Toluca Lake home and told NBC4 the pool will be drained soon.

Vector control recommends to look out for even the smallest sources, such as plant saucers and outdoor buckets, and just simply dump out the water. 

For more information on mosquitoes and how to prevent backyard breeding, visit the county vector's brochure.

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