Murrieta Family Searches for Yorkie Snatched Off Patio

Security footage shows a woman picking up the Yorkie and hiding it under her pink blouse.

A Murrieta family is asking the public's help in identifying a woman who stole their pet from their patio in broad daylight.

Juan and Norma Mendoza would let their Mickey out into the patio every morning to play. But on July 23, Mickey was nowhere to be found.

Juan Mendoza said they first thought the small dog ran off, but then they were shown surveillance video from a neighbor's home that revealed Mickey had been stolen right from their patio.

"I am very angry because I can't believe somebody can do something like that," Juan Mendoza said.

Security footage shows a woman walking through the Mendoza's condo complex. She stops at the patio gate and eventually opens it. She is then seen picking up the and hiding it under her pink blouse.

Police investigating the situation hope anyone who recognizes the dog thief will give them a call.

The family said they got Mickey as a present from a friend who is a breeder. Juan Mendoza said the is worth $3,000 but to his family, he's priceless. Norma Mendoza said the heartache has been unbearable for the entire family.

"When I see his house I feel so sad," Norma Mendoza said. "And I see my older kids crying because Mickey is not coming home yet."

Since Mickey was stolen, the family has posted flyers all over the neighborhood. They have posted notices on social media, hoping someone can identify the thief and call Murrieta police.

The family also hopes the person who took their dog does the right thing and returns it to them.

"I miss my doggy so much," Norma Mendoza said. "I want my doggy back. Give me my Mickey back, please."

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