Mystery Stacker Takes Rock Balancing to Another Level

The formations may be the work of artists, but no one knows for sure.

As the thousands upon thousands of Instagram posts can attest, rock stacking is nothing new.

An as-of-yet unidentified person (or persons) in Banning, however, has raised the bar when it comes to the art of balancing rocks atop one another.

A series of stacks that sit in a wash across from a cemetery has now grown to about an acre in size.

"We got to coming up here every day or two and it just grew more and more," said longtime Banning resident Jerrelee Rutherford, who enjoys the formations.

And these aren't just a few pebbles in a creek. That's amateur hour. Some of the rocks used in the Banning formations can weigh up to 200 pounds, Rutherford said.

So who's responsible?

Rutheford and her husband have taken to going out at different times of the day and night to pin down the rock stackers, but so far, no luck.

Could it be artists, as Rutherford thinks might be the case? Or are there rock stackers of a different kind roaming around in the Inland Empire?

"We got a few aliens here in Banning," Rutheford said with a laugh.

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