Nail an Apple Pie for Thanksgiving With Help From a Master Pie-Maker

Make an apple pie that's even better than grandma's! Cynthia Gizdich from Gizdich Ranch dishes up the core elements of an incredible mouth-watering apple pie that's sure to get you compliments at Thanksgiving.

Use a Good Apple

To get a great apple pie you should have some fantastic apples to pop in your pie. Gizdich recommends using one of these four types of apple to be the star of your show: Winter Banana, Golden Delicious, Pippin and Mutsu. Just make sure the apple is not too ripe. 

Know Sugar Varies Depending on the Apple

With the variety of apple, you should change the amount of the sugar you put in your pie. 

"If you have a real tart apple you may want a little extra sugar," said Gizdich. "If you are using real sweet apple like a golden, you might want to back off a little bit." 

The Crust is Critical

Don't overwork the dough, you want to make sure there is some elasticity with the pie. But Gizdich said that when choosing between homemade or store bought crusts pick whatever will make the experience more enjoyable. 

"If you're not comfortable making the pastry, go ahead and buy it if that makes the whole experience enjoyable," said Gizdich. 

Overdo it with the Apples

Make sure your pie is bursting with apples before you put it into the oven. Apples cook down dramatically in the oven and you want to make sure every bite is filled with apples. 

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