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Decision 2016

Decision 2016

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Fearing Election Chaos, 'Preppers' Stockpile Food



    Fearing Election Chaos, 'Preppers' Stockpile Food
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    A worker arranges cans of Campbell's soup on a supermarket shelf on May 20, 2016, in San Rafael, California.

    In fear of an election night Doomsday, preppers are running up sales of emergency survival food, NBC News reported.

    While sales for "long term food" typically see an increase around natural disasters and elections, "this is more intense than what we saw in 2012," said Keith Bansemer, VP of marketing for My Patriot Supply, a manufacturer and seller of survival food. During the previous election his company saw sales double. This time it's triple.

    "We have everyone we can on the phones," he said. "We are overwhelmed."

    Purchases at other long term food supply companies are up as well. Emergency preparedness online store TheEpicenter reports a 6 percent uptick in year over year sales.

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