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Marlins: Jose Fernandez's Estate Targeted by Two Lawsuits

The late pitcher's estate is being sued by the families of the other men who passed away on his boat



    The family of the two other men in the boat that September night are seeking money from the estate of the late Miami Marlins pitcher.

    (Published Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017)

    Jose Fernandez's estate will be named as the defendant in a pair of negligence and personal injury lawsuits.

    When the former ace of the Miami Marlins tragically passed away in September, two other men perished with him. The parents of both men will be the plaintiffs in the lawsuits. Each lawsuit is seeking $2 million in damages from Fernandez's estate. One lawsuit was filed on Friday, and a second will become official on Monday.

    Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Jesus Macias were the other men with Fernandez on his boat that evening. Rivero who was 25 and Macias who was 27 had alcohol in their systems at the time of the crash, but were not over the legal limit. Rivero's toxicology report showed cocaine, but Macias' did not. Fernandez however was legally drunk and also had cocaine in his body. Both families are being represented by attorney Christopher Royer.

    Fernandez's career was brief, and therefore his earnings were minimal compared to his potential. Estimates of the value of his estate hover around $2.5 million, which would be lower than the demands in the lawsuits combined. A settlement however could be possible and is something Royer mentioned in a statement. 

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    “We remain open to a settlement and are hopeful a prompt resolution can be achieved to spare these families, and that of Jose Fernandez too, from any additional suffering,” said Royer.

    One of the biggest mysteries surrounding that tragic evening, has been the identity of the boat's driver. Ralph Fernandez, who is representing Fernandez's estate believes Fernandez was not driving the boat. A final report on the accident is still pending. The identity of the driver may be a part of that report. The estate's attorney also questions the use of cocaine by Fernandez.

    “There are indications that his cocaine use that night was not voluntary,” Fernandez stated.

    In addition to the tragic losses that evening of the three men, Fernandez left behind a pregnant girlfriend.