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AI Sex Robots Are Our Near-Future Reality

“There’s a knee-jerk reaction to either laugh at it or ridicule it or just go, ‘Oh that’s gross'"



    AI Sex Robots Are Our Near-Future Reality
    Abyss Creations LLC
    File photo: A worker inspects a RealDoll

    Robots are becoming smarter and have become a part of our daily lives more than ever, from the work they do in hospitals and restaurants to helping around the house.

    But some of these robot personal assistants are going to be more personal than others. Sex doll manufacturers and independent roboticists are now designing and building humanlike robots that people can have sex with, reported NBC News.

    One of the early entries into this market is an animatronic head named Harmony that's infused with artificial intelligence to give it a personality and the ability to “learn” about its human partner. Harmony will connect to the silicone body of a RealDoll, a life-sized sex doll that’s been around for 20 years.