A 3D “William Tell” Movie is Happening. Try to Contain Yourself

When most people hear the name "William Tell," they naturally think of one thing: A guy shooting an apple off someone's head with an arrow (other acceptable answers include "The Lone Ranger" and "Looney Tunes," but we digress). Think something like that is worth building a 2-hour, 3D movie around? Well someone does!

And that someone is, according to Collider, "Yogi Bear" director Eric Brevig, who is eager to reteam with his "Journey to the Center of the Earth" star Brendan Fraser to once again spin box office....no, not gold...um...tin foil? Yeah, we'll go with tin foil.

Once again: Brendan Fraser is William Tell, brought to you by the director of "Yogi Bear." And you think Hollywood likes you. Silly you. This is worst slight against Switzerland since Harry Lime's speech in "The Third Man." (Look it up. No, not "The Third Man," the history of Switzerland. Actually, go ahead and look up "The Third Man" while you're at it).

We can only hope this proves you can't make a 3D movie for 3D's sake, and you sure as heck can't make a 3D movie where the entire selling point is a single 3D scene. Even if they do try and go "4D" and hand out apples with the Tru3D goggles.

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