A Famous Ghost Town Readies for Winter

It's not snow-deep at the moment, but plan your trip to the Mono County gem accordingly.

RUN FOR YOUR MITTENS, and dig out your flannels, and find your vintage goggles, the kind that people sometimes wore, back in the 1800s, during a wallop of a snowtwirler, if you must. But know this: You'll be over-dressed for the occasion, at least during the early part of November 2018. For, no, no amounts of great snow have piled up around Bodie State Historic Park, the kind of epic piles of snow that has been photographed in the past.

TRUE, TRUE, the celebrated Mono County ghost town did see that sort of epic pile-up in the winter of 2016-2017, when much of the Eastern Sierra got socked-in, thanks to heaps and heaps of the frosty white stuff. The frosty white stuff does have a way of impressively returning, like clockwork — picture an old Bodie-style grandfather clock here, if you will — but, for now, only winter hours have begun at the history-packed, landmark-filled expanse, a remote outpost that truly has been trapped in time.

THOSE WINTER HOURS... are on now, as of early November, and will continue through to March 31. Be there at 9 a.m., be out by 4 p.m., and, remember, only take photos, for leaving with anything found on the ground around the town is said to put the finder in a tight place, luck-wise. (Or, rather, it won't Bodie well for you, if you do take something out.) Can't make it over, up, or down to this splendid, straight-out-of-the-Old-West location? There's a new 2019 calendar to gaze upon, as you dream Bodie-based daydreams. It's from the Bodie Foundation, a group that does an awful lot of swell things for this grand place; pick one up now, and another for your Bodie-loving bud.

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