A Third of all iPhone Owners Think They Already Have 4G

There are no iPhones on the market with 4G speeds. Apple has a smartphone called the iPhone 4. That is not a 4G device. It is a 3G one. Yet, somehow, 1/3 of all iPhone owners have gotten all the terminology mixed up and think their iPhone 4 is a 4G device. Well played Apple!

4G smartphones are hot — like really hot. The extra G just makes everything, well, faster. According to a Retrevo study, 34% of all all iPhone owners seriously believe their phone has the super fast data speeds that 4G allows.

Retrevo attributes the 4G confusion to Apple's naming of the current iPhone with the numeral "4" affixed to the end. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it was in Apple's plan book to use the iPhone 4 to distort consumers until it does get a real 4G LTE iPhone out (rumor has it pegged for 2012).

With all the talk about 4G from wireless carriers in the last year, it was smart for Apple to play up the number 4 (even if it was the fourth iPhone). Call it what you will, Apple's reality distortion field or just smart marketing, but if 1/3 of iPhone users already think they have a 4G-equipped iPhone 4, then Apple really can take its sweet time to perfect a smartphone with the faster data speeds (battery on 4G smartphones is awful).

But, if I hear another person say, "Is that an iPhone 4G" or "I want an iPhone 4G," I might just Hulk out and go on a rampage. People, it's an iPhone 4 — no 4G! Don't forget that now!

Retrevo, via Electronista

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