It's a Dead Man's Party: AMC Renews “The Walking Dead” After Two Episodes

Thirteen more episodes in the pipeline after season one's six.

Hell on earth will continue for a second season.

AMC announced Monday it has ordered up 13 more episodes of zombie drama “The Walking Dead,” following killer ratings for the show’s first two offerings.

The “Mad Men” network scored a record 5.3 million viewers for “Dead’s” Halloween premiere, with 4.7 million of the living tuning in Sunday for the show’s second episode, according to reports.

"I wish all programming decisions were no brainers like this one," AMC senior VP Sharon Tal Yguado told E! News.

“The Walking Dead” stars Andrew Lincoln as small-town cop Rick Grimes, who awakes from a coma in a hospital room to discover a post-apocalyptic environment where loved ones and neighbors roam the earth in search of living flesh to consume.

Adapted from the Robert Kirkman comic series that boasts the tagline “in a world ruled by the dead, we forced to finally start living,” early episodes of AMC’s version have focused on Grimes’ quest to reunite with his wife and son.

Kirkman told MSNBC last month that the strength of his long running series was exploring how his characters either “crack under pressure or rise to the occasion.”

“And the interaction of humans becomes almost as dangerous as interaction with zombies,” he added.

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