Android's Jelly Bean Is on Its Way

The next version of Android will be Android 4.1's Jelly Bean, according to reports, and it should be available from the Google Play app store soon.

Sharp-eyed readers spotted the information in a Google Play store listing for the Galaxy Nexus, according to the Verge. It's likely that Jelly Bean will be featured at Google I/O, the search titan's developers conference in San Francisco next week.

However, some aren't as excited about the upgrade to Android because they were expecting more. Blame it on the rather eventful week or the increasingly unrealistic expectations of technology writers and lovers, but apparently a few are underwhelmed by the announcement.

"Anyway, if Jelly Bean is JUST Android 4.1, then maybe I have to adjust my expectations a little," wrote Computerworld's Matt Hamblen. "It is probably an important release, to somebody anyway, and certainly the engineers who created it."

Ouch! I feel bad for the Googlers and I rarely feel badly for the well-fed and well-paid techsters. Granted, we know little about what Android 4.1 can do (although it seems more focused on media,) but it's asking a lot to want a whole new Android environment only a year after Ice Cream Sandwich.

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