Apple Acknowledges Malware, Gets Hit Again


Apple seemed to finally acknowledge it had some security problems this week, but now has been hit with new wave of attacks.

A fake security update, called MacDefender or MacProtector, tricked users into giving up information and installing malware on their computer -- dooming themselves to porn-site pop-ups, slow processing and hard crash headaches. We wrote about this problem a week ago, before Apple issued any formal statement. Previously sentiment in the Mac community was that users deserved what they got for manually downloading updates, considered a newbie, and often naive, move.

But now that the Mac has been shown to be vulnerable to phishing expeditions, a new wave appeared this week, pretending to be a security program called MacGuard. The new variant doesn't require an administrative password before installing itself, the Washington Post reported.

The reality is that Mac is now seemingly no longer immune to hackers and other ne'er-do-wells who have finally realize how easy it is to scam Mac users. Apple will now have to be vigilant in alerting its community about new malware and offering security patches on a regular basis.

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