Apple OKs Marijuana Apps – Tokers Rejoice!


Apple has decided to lift its ban on marijuana-themed apps in its App Store, according to reports.

The marijuana apps, which were likely restricted because they were considered drug-themed, have been lobbying and petitioning Apple to change its policy, according to TechCrunch. The move is likely because of the "relaxing of U.S. laws" regarding cannabis.

The leader of the campaign was social networking app MassRoots, which was admitted into the App Store once it limited its app's geolocation to the 23 states where marijuana use is legal.

Now that apps can limit their scope to the 23 states, it means more marijuana apps can enter the App Store, provided they adhere to Apple standards.

Those Apple rules are changing, including a new rule that requires app developers to not use gun violence in screenshots. Apple has rejected Gunslugs2 for a screenshot that showed "violence against a human being," TechCrunch reported. Apple justified this rule by pointing out its App Store rules, which clearly states screenshots and previews must "adhere to the 4+ age rating" or be rejected.

It seems as if Apple is now enforcing this rule without prejudice.

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