Apple Working on App Store for Business

Getty Images

Apple hopes to customize their App Store for business customers, a move probably long overdue for the tech giant as it hopes to gain inroads into enterprise with its iOS products like the iPad and iPhone.

The customized storefronts will be for its enterprise customers and give employees limited access to a company's applications based on company specifications.

This allows various entities to customize how a computing device may access a software source. For example, various front-end interfaces (or storefronts) may be customized to suit the requirements of a specific organization or business. Other front-end interfaces (or storefronts) may be customized to suit the needs of a particular vendor, or type of user, such as a people of different ages, ethnicity, location, or different interests.

The release of Apple's iOS 4.2 in November, which gave iPad and iPhone users multitasking, AirPrint (the ability to use a network printer from your iOS device,) AirPlay and folders, was definitely aimed at business customers. This new storefront is a needed step for Apple if it hopes to grab hold of some of the mobile enterprise market share from Research in Motion's BlackBerry and Android devices.

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