“Bachelorette” Forecast Boring Now That the Weatherman Has Passed

Every "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" season has at least one fantastic character who has zero chance of winning the top prize -- but they make for excellent viewing.

This season it was the guy simply known as "The Weatherman." Now he's gone, taking with him some serious blue skies for viewers. Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky declined to give the Weatherman a game-saving rose leaving him embittered, "dumbfounded" and packing.

Many people didn't even know his name was Jonathan Novack because the name "The Weatherman" just stuck. His chosen profession for a Houston television station said it all -- he's the guy who made corny jokes about the weather systems moving in all the while waving in front of green screens. He only could have been better if he had worn a toga and whispered plots in people's ears.

He immediately scrapped with Craig in some memorable early bouts that would have left most other contenders bloodied beyond repair. Indeed, Craig was on the losing end of that battle, hitting the road weeks earlier in part because he looked like such a bully in those battles.

But the Weatherman stuck around despite his clear lack of chemistry with Ali and the clear lack of respect from everyone in the house.  No doubt the producers just loved that fantastic Cheese Whiz every week and encouraged Ali to keep him on as long as she could possibly stand it.

His feeble attempt at kissing Ali leading to his not-so-manly tears because the other guys were laughing at him made all the wrongs of reality television suddenly so right.

Now all we have is Justin the Wrestler as the house baddie and that's not rocking my world. The nation's tabloids, who can see into the television future, have made it clear Justin even dogs around on Ali, stringing along a couple of real life girlfriends while he attempts to woo her on television.

Okay, that's interesting. But the Wrestler is no Weatherman.

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