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Twitter Cracks ‘I Misspoke' Jokes After Trump Corrects Himself

Richard Marx and someone speaking for Darth Vader made some corrections

Twitter users — including singer Richard Marx — are having a field day after President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he misspoke about his beliefs on Russian election interference. 

After Trump said he had meant to say "I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia" instead of "why it would," people took to Twitter to rewrite famous lines in pop culture. 

Marx, who sang the '80s hit "Right Here Waiting," tweeted early Wednesday that he made a mistake. 

"I misspoke. I meant to say I 'wouldn't' be right here waiting for you," Marx wrote. 

Another user introduced a plot twist to the "Star Wars" franchise.

"Luke? I misspoke yesterday. I meant to say I'm NOT your father," he said.

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