Beyoncé Writes Tribute to Michael Jackson

"Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist I am," Beyoncé writes

Beyoncé wrote a short but sweet letter to Michael Jackson on Monday, the third anniversary of his tragic death.

The Grammy winner recalled watching Jackson’s live performance of “Who’s Loving You” on repeat early in her career. Her first producer wanted her to learn Jackson's soul, she wrote.

“For whatever reason he could evoke more emotion than an adult. It was so raw and so pure,” Beyoncé wrote about the King of Pop on her website. “Michael taught me that sometimes you have to forget technique, forget what you have on. If you feel silly, you have to go from the gut just let it go. Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist I am – thank you Michael. Love always, B.”

The singing sensation was one of many artists to remember Jackson on Monday.

Quest Love of the Roots tweeted, “in 83 he amazed us w/ the Moonwalk. but those in the know remember in 73 when his Robot KILLED us RIP MICHAEL JACKSON.” 

Justin Bieber also took to twitter. “RIP to the best that ever did it. RIP to the KING…RIP Michael Jackson. You will never be forgotten. #INSPIRATION,” he wrote.

The legendary pop star died on June 25, 2009 due to an overdose of the anesthetic Propofol.

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