Jacko's New Song is “Breaking News”

New album due out next month

The latest song from Michael Jackson has the late pop star singing about himself and addressing all the people who thought he was well, a weirdo.

"Who is that boogeyman you're thinking of?" Jackson sings in "Breaking News." "Why is it strange that I would fall in love?"

Jacko wrote the lyrics in 2007 and Eddie Cascio and James Porte collaborated on the music, according to Showbiz4111's Roger Friedman

The intro is a montage of news anchor-type voices somberly intoning all the presumed transgressions against the King of Pop. "The plot thickens to destroy Michael Jackso," says one.

"Everybody wantin' a piece of Michael Jackson," sings the Gloved One's familiar voice.

Jackson's latest posthumous album, "Michael," is due out Dec. 14. To hear the song, go here.

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