BringIt Brings Gambling to Facebook


Facebook users can now challenge each other in head-to-head competition and wager on the outcome, it was announced Monday.

BringIt, a San Francisco-based startup founded by Blumberg Capital, Seraph Group and ErGo Media Capital, has partnered with CrowdStar, East Side Games, Sometrics and Mall World in seven games to create the head-to-head challenges. Basically, it creates seamless mini-games inside existing social games so that many users may never know they are actually moving outside the established game, according to VentureBeat. From BringIt's press release:

By implementing BringIt -- which takes less than a day -- social, mobile, and open web publishers can easily add Tournaments, Solo challenges, and now Head-to-Head competitions with virtual currency wagering to their existing games. BringIt's proven plug-and-play platform boosts game play time, increases the velocity of spend, and converts more players into paying customers.

Users can expect to see the BringIt influence in Facebook games Barn Buddy, Zoo World, Pot Farm Gold Rush, Happy Aquarium and Mall World where they can wager on the outcome and win (or lose) Facebook credits.

We suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that Facebook credit wagering is now on the table. Gambling is a good source of revenue, virtual currency or not, and we don't think Facebook would miss out on 30 percent of that action.

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