“Cabin in the Woods” Finally Has a Home

Before he scored the biggest superhero movie of all time (that'd be, um, "The Avengers"), Joss Whedon made an original slice of old school horror called "Cabin in the Woods." 

Starring Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, and future "Thor" Chris Hemsworth, "Cabin" was completed in 2009 but shelved due to the financial problems faced by its studio, MGM.

During that time, its legend grew (mostly fueld by Whedonites creating fan posters), but it seemed as though "Cabin" was going to face a fate like that of the similarly-mistreated "Trick 'R Treat" (a great Halloween movie that inexplicably went straight to DVD).

Well, according to Deadline, Lionsgate has swooped in and will distrubute "Cabin" in theaters. We're sure their interest has nothing to do with the fact that they can use the words "Thor" and "The Avengers" in the advanced marketing.

No word on whether Lionsgate will try and rescue the "Red Dawn" remake that is also wallowing in MGM's vaults - But if you're reading this, Lionsgate, do everyone a favor and just walk away.

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