Caught on Camera: Woman Falls on Ice After Stanley Cup Winning Game

Not everyone can be as graceful on ice as professional hockey players.

Following the Stanley Cup victory at the Staples Center, NBC4's Mario Solis was reporting live when one woman was caught on camera attempting to cross the ice in heels, a feat that proved just as difficult as it sounds as she slipped and fell during a live television broadcast.

Someone rushed over and immediately helped Hannah Hunsinger up.

Hunsinger, a member of the Kings ice crew, caught up with Solis following her spill.

"Yes, I am OK," Hunsinger said. "You'd think that after skating on the ice, I'd be OK with walking on it but that wasn't the case."

Though a little embarrassed, Hunsinger tweeted reporters in good spirits after the video quickly went viral.

“Thank you @Deadspin and @NBCLA for capturing such a fantastic fall,” she tweeted. “At least I got a good ending pic out of it.”

The Kings beat the Rangers 3-2 in double overtime Friday night.

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