Celebs Take to Twitter to Knock BlackBerry

And thousands of civilians tweet BlackBerry jokes, too

What's a celebrity without a BlackBerry?

Mad, apparently. Some celebrities -- and thosands of civilians --  took to Twitter Wednesday to complain their favorite gab device had let them down, as BlackBerry's worldwide outages came to the US after two days on other continents.

The outages affected up to 40 million people, half of manufacturer Research in Motion's worldwide subscribers, the Financial Times reported.

"Dear Blackberry ... you're trending!," tweeted celebrity gossip columnist extraordinaire Perez Hilton." And we are THROUGH! You're still not working for me and Momma Perez is on her way to buy me the iPhone!"

He later explained his livelihood depends on his mobile devices: "....I can't risk Blackberry being down for 3 days, like it has in Europe. I need to have access to my email at all times."

"Jersey Shore's" Snooki was (unsurprisingly) a little less eloquent, but just as annoyed. "Blackberry outage? Let's get real here blackberry ugh," she tweeted.

The Kardashians, meanwhile, appeared confused.

"What is going on?! I am meant to talk to  @KylieJenner bc we r BBMing!," said Kourtney Kardashian, referring to the popular Blackberry instant messenger service, in a reply to a friend telling her Blackberry was down.

Her sister Kim, a known BlackBerry addict, was in Dubai sleeping.

Joel McHale, star of NBC's "Community" had a plan: "Can I borrow someone's bugle? I need to play Taps for Blackberry service," he tweeted.

CNN's Piers Morgan appeared conflicted. First he tweeted: "OK, this #Blackberry business is now SERIOUSLY p------ me off," except he used the word we won't print here.

But later: " One positive of the #Blackberry crisis - my personal trainer can't get hold of me. #OrderingBurgers"

Bravo's Andy Cohen agreed there was an upside: "I LOVED today's blackberry outage! #PeaceAndQuiet," he posted on Twitter.

Hilton was correct, the hashtag "Dear Blackberry" was a trending Twitter topic for a good chunk of the afternoon, and those who couldn't send emails could amuse themselves by crafting some good punch lines.

Many compared the service to an errant lover: "Dear Blackberry, You remind me of my ex, Unreliable, a big disappointment & good for nothing," tweeted user @kanoxl.
Others reminded Blackberry to think twice before angering the masses:"Dear Blackberry, the #OccupyBlackberry (#OBB) protests are only a rumour. And I didn't start it. Swear. Just start working again. Please," tweeted user  @jianghomeshi.

Most popular? Reminders that the new iPhone 4S comes out this week, offering a mobile alternative.  Dozens of people tweeted variations on this gem:  "Dear Blackberry, I think it's nice that you're honouring Steve Jobs' death with a 3 day silence."

Perhaps the best advice came from one of Armani Exchange's accounts:
"EVERYONE'S BLACKBERRY IS DOWN - I think we should all take the day off - #JustSaying."

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