More than a million people, including world leaders, marched in Paris amid heavy police presence on Sunday, chanting "Vive la France," in a massive demonstration against the terrorist attacks that left 17 dead and shocked the world, NBC News reported. The march was led by the historic sight of French President Francois Hollande linked arm-in-arm with Germany's Angela Merkel, Britain's David Cameron, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and other world leaders in a show of solidarity against terror. "Today, Paris is the capital of the world," Hollande said in a statement. "Our entire country will rise up toward something better." The crowds spilled over the official planned march route, making a precise count of demonstrators impossible, according to the French Interior Ministry. But early on, the Ministry estimated that at least 1.2 million people attended, making the gathering the largest in France's history. Rallies were held in cities worldwide this weekend, among them New York,Chicago,Los Angeles and Boston.

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