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‘Yes, I Was Wearing Pants': Dad Talks About Being Interrupted by His Kids on Live TV

"I saw the video just like everyone else, and it is really funny," he said

The professor who tried to shoo his children away during a BBC interview gone hilariously awry thought the same thing as everyone else once he watched the video, "Today" reported. 

"It was a mixture of sort of surprise and embarrassment and amusement," Robert Kelly told The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. "It was terribly cute. I saw the video just like everyone else, and it is really funny."

Kelly, who is originally from the Cleveland area, also shot down the theory that he didn't get up from his desk to grab his children because he was wearing only pajama pants or underwear during the interview.

"Yes, I was wearing pants,'' he joked in a follow-up interview with the BBC on Tuesday (in fact, he was wearing jeans, according to the Journal).

Kelly and his wife, Kim Jung-A, have spoken for the first time since the clip of Kelly's interview went viral as millions delighted in the scene of his daughter, Marion, 4, and 8-month-old son, James, barging into the room.

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