Director Jack Bender Once Was “Lost,” But Now He’s Found Jack Ryan

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Jack Ryan, the hero of a dozen of Tom Clancy's spy-thrillers, was going through the Hollywood reboot machine a good decade before it became the in thing to do. Now, eight years since the last Jack Ryan adventure, he's getting yet another reboot with his fourth star-director team in five films.

Jack Bender, whose TV credits go all the way back to "Eight Is Enough," but more recently earned three directing Emmy nods for his work on "Lost," is thisclose to landing in the director's chair for the next Jack Ryan movie, reported Vulture.

"Moscow" would find Jack Ryan, now played by Chris Pine, transitioning from the Marines to working as a financial consultant for a Russian billionaire only to be forced to go on the run after he's framed in a terrorist plot.

Bender's feature film resume is thin, peaking with the third installment in the Chuckie saga, "Child's Play 3," but considering the scope of the story arcs he handled on "Lost," he shouldn't feel overwhelmed.

And Pine charmed the pants off of us -- and half of the Starfleet Academy -- as Captain Kirk. Jack Ryan would appear to be in good hands, maybe he can finally live up to his hype.

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