Disneyland Holidays (Plus ‘Star Wars,' Too)

Sparkles, seasonal treats, and Chewbacca, too, are due.

THE MOON CAN SEE IT: If ever there was a group of people who could build a ginormous, Jules Verne-like telescope on the surface of the moon, the kind of quirky, twisty, brass job that could look back upon the earth, it is probably the Imagineers. Okay, NASA could do the job, too, we know, but Disney's famous batch of braintastic creative types has a way of dreaming up amazing things that do amazing things from amazing places (ponder the Pepper's Ghost effect inside the Haunted Mansion or any of the lifelike animatronics found around Disneyland Resort). So we're expecting the news, any time now, that the makers of rides and creators of attractions at various Disney theme parks will build an actual telescope on the moon, the better to see Disneyland with, and, in particular, one single landmark at a single time of year. We speak of it's a small world and we speak of Christmastime, when the '60s-era boat ride goes for the full twinkly wattage look. Truly, could you see Anaheim, and it's a small world, from the surface of the moon, with a medium-powered telescope, in November and December? Imagineers, ponder that topic while we mere mortals prepare for...

HOLIDAY TIME... at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, which opens on Friday, Nov. 13. As always, the wreaths and bows will be out, and the handmade candy canes at Candy Kitchen, and the toy soldiers in the A Christmas Fantasy Parade. The Jingle Cruise'll throw in some yuletide touches, and the Haunted Mansion Holiday -- complete with Jack Skellington, Zero, Sally, and "Nightmare" crew -- is still gingerbreading up the New Orleans Square spookhouse. Santa Claus will also call upon Critter Country, if you'd like an audience with Mr. Kringle. 

AS FOR THE OTHER NOVEMBER ARRIVAL... at the park? Why a new "Star Wars" experience called "Season of the Force" opens on Nov. 16, bringing with it opportunities to say hello to characters from the universe and "a twist" on the Jedi Training. Also? Space Mountain is transforming into Hyperspace Mountain in honor of the opening. 

OF COURSE... now we're really and truly thinking the Imagineers might be building a telescope on the surface of the moon, both to admire the lights of it's a small world at Christmas and because space, in the form of "Star Wars," is a central theme of the upcoming season at the world's most famous theme park.

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