New Governor Ditches the Entourage


Jerry Brown has been drawing positive but cautious reviews as he begins to reach out to elected officials and interest groups in Sacramento. One thing about meeting with Brown that many people seem to like:

He comes alone.

It says something our era that it's newsworthy when a governor who arrives for a meeting or speech without aides or entourage. Bob Dutton, the top Republican in the state Senate, told the Sacramento Bee's Dan Morain that he was impressed that Brown came to a Republican legislative caucus alone. Brown also recruited his finance director (who also was Schwarzenegger's finance director) by stopping by her office, unannounced and alone.

To be sure, Gov. Schwarzenegger did not have the giant entourage that one might associate with a movie star--particularly late in his years in office. But he usually had at least a handful of aides with him. This is another way that the Brown governorship will be different.

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