Grandpa on Way to Doctor Run Over 3 Times, Killed on Bronx Street

A 74-year-old grandfather on his way to a doctor appointment was run over by three different cars and killed Monday morning in the Bronx. 

Police said Angel Figueroa was crossing East Tremont Avenue when he was hit by a Dodge Durango going eastbound.

He was then struck by another car going westbound on the road, and was hit a third time by a third car, also going westbound.

The first and third cars stayed at the scene. Police were called at about 8 a.m. but it wasn't immediately clear what time he was struck.

Figueroa's granddaughter was on the scene as police responded. 

"To see your grandfather laying in the street with a white sheet and then get pulled off in a black bag, it's not a memory you want to keep in your head," said Anna Diaz.

Diaz pleaded with the second driver who took off after hitting Figueroa to talk to police.

"Just come forward," she said. "It was an accident. If everything is OK, it shouldn't be a problem. It was an accident, things happen. Just come clean. I need closure." 

"He was a very great guy, a very good family man, he took care of all of us," said Diaz. 

The driver of the Durango was arrested for having a suspended license. Police are searching for the driver of the second car that hit Figueora. 

--Andrew Siff and Brynn Gingras contributed to this story.

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