Elisabetta Canalis Opens Up About Break with Clooney

George Clooney has made no bones about the fact that, at 50, he is still perfectly happy being a confirmed bachelor. But as former flame Elisabetta Canalis reveals, that doesn't make the break-ups any easier to take.

"At the end of the day I have always seen the end of my relationships as a personal failure," says the 32 year-old model and TV star in a new interview with an Italian magazine. "There is nothing ever pretty in saying goodbye."

Canalis, who just joined the cast of "Dancing with the Stars" (ironically, Clooney is now being linked with DWTS alum Stacey Kiebler), claims Clooney was just her type - not that that's necessarily a good thing.

"I have always seen cold and controlled men as the right ones for me," she says. "You have to accept that Prince Charming who is coming to save you is not going to happen -- it works against you."

Moving to Los Angeles from Italy has, however, proved therapeutic for Canalis, who proclaims herself "a doormat" when it comes to love.

"Here in Los Angeles I have found serenity. I've also found work. It was a difficult time for me, but you have to get on with things," she says, adding that she no longer feels "immature" about relationships and holds out hope for a situation where, "you understand the other person."

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