500 Million Using Facebook Messenger

Getty Images

Facebook took time to celebrate and announce that more than 500 million people per month are using its Messenger app -- although all were basicaly forced to download the standalone app or not be able to use private messaging on their mobile devices.

Users had to use the app starting in April, and even Facebook's Q-and-A with Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg asked about the reasoning behind it, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The last time a number was used was in April, back when Facebook Messenger had only 200 million monthly users. Facebook's other standalones are "treading water" such as Paper, but Messenger is considered a success -- but is spinning off a part that was already included in the service really a success? It seems as if breaking apart a service technically can create users, but to what end?

Some users do appreciate the messaging without the full Facebook onslaught, but reality is that Facebook broke off Messenger to show its shareholders and the public it can be successful at mobile -- even if what it offered was nothing innovative or new.
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