Facebook Poaches Apple UI Designer

Mark Hillary

Facebook hired former Apple UI design manager Chris Weeldreyer to be its product design manager, according to LinkedIn.

The news was leaked by Weeldreyer's own LinkedIn profile and his Facebook timeline, according to AllFacebook.

Weeldreyer, who has numerous skills in dealing with Apple's iOS, was undoubtedly a coup for Facebook. The social network has been working to dispel any rumors that it has little or no mobile strategy

"The company has faced some challeges in the mobile market. Its mobile apps have been dinged for a certain lack of quality and user-friendliness," according to CNET. "So, like other players, Facebook needs to figure out how to better thrive in that mobile world."
After being slammed for not excelling at mobile, Facebook acquired the team of developers that created mobile app Pieceable Viewer earlier this month -- likely to pump up its mobile interface. The reason? Facebook needs to make inroads into mobile, a weak spot that was partly to blame for its falling stock price. 
Hiring Weeldreyer only seems logical for a company trying to devise a mobile strategy.
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