Family Cool in Palm Springs

Crafting, music, and other lively activities for tots and their parents.

Karen Kimmel

CRAFTS, MUSIC, RACES: The idea of camp has traditionally separated the kids from the grown-ups. Oh, not always, of course, and many a summertime getaway incorporates parents into various special days and events. But you can bet when the parents head back to their cars to drive back home they're wishing they could stay and hang with their kid a bit longer and make nifty yarn figures and join in relay races and enjoy some homespun tunes. Good news on that front: Every so often parents and kids do get a chance to walk that unplugged, DIY, easy-breezy road together, especially at artist Karen Kimmel's Crafting Community weekends. And lookie here; there's one just ahead, and it is co-sponsored by Splendid, and it is happening from Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29, at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.

CROCHET TO  CRESTS: There's a bunch of you-do-it-yourself stuff on the menu but here's a quick sampling: a class in family crests, learning to crochet, and a toy lab. (Are there two words that look better together than "toy" and "lab"? No.) Plus relay races and pool basketball and other break-a-sweat activities. Yep, it is downright campified, in the best sense; and it is at the Ace Hotel, which might be the world headquarters for a certain laid-back, low-fi fabulousness. If you were just there for Coachella, or are there now, why not bring the young'uns back for their own hip weekend in the desert? Things don't get much chicer than a laugh-filled relay race or a sweet, old-fashioned crochet class. And don't make us go back and reference the toy lab again, because, truly, that's the end all be all, and there's nothing further we'll need to say after that. Toy. Lab.

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