Get Ready to Head Back to “Police Academy”


With the massive success in 2011 of '80s remakes, it only makes sense to... no, wait.. strike that, reverse it. And yet...

Scott Zabielski, whose biggest success to date is as director-producer of "Tosh 2.0," has been hired to direct a remake of the classic 1984 comedy "Police Academy," according to Deadline. Zabielski's primary qualification for the job is that he actually went through police academy training.

You can sneer all you like at "Police Academy," but the franchise was profitable enough to have spawned a total of seven films, the last one, "Mission to Moscow," coming in 1994.And making a film funnier than any of those shouldn't be too daunting a task.

The original starred such Hollywood luminaries as Kim Catrall, Steve Guttenberg and Bubba Smith, but may be best remembered for Michael Winslow's amazing ability to create any sound, which had every suburban white boy in America vain flapping his lips in an effort to emulate the mesmerizing sounds. Sigh...

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