Glenn Beck's Parked Car Flips Down Hill, Pundit Escapes Unscathed

Talk-show host survives a close call while attending his daughter's wedding in upstate New York.

Talk-show host Glenn Beck certainly knows how to put his spin on things, but this particular spin is frighteningly bonkers!

The pundit survived a close call this past weekend when his car rolled down a hill after he parked it, flipping over several times before coming to a stop.

Thankfully, the 48-year-old was left unscathed and no injuries were reported.

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"So my rental car got totaled this my daughter's wedding," he tweeted on Tuesday.

According to Beck, who later recounted the hairy incident on his radio show, he was attending his daughter's nuptials in Finger Lakes, N.Y., when, after parking his car atop a hill, he suddenly heard his wife screaming.

"I see my wife dressed in her evening gown from the wedding, and she's holding on to the door handle of the car as the car is starting to slide down the hill," he reportedly said on the show, per the New York Daily News.

"I watched my car roll down the hill, literally roll," he recalled. "It was like an action movie."

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Photos of the wrecked SUV were posted on The Blaze, which reported that after Beck's wife tried to hang on to the vehicle, a member of his security team hopped into it and attempted to stop its slide. He managed to jump out in time just as the SUV began to flip over.

At least Beck found a way to keep a good sense of humor throughout the debacle.

"This is like the end of 'Father of the Bride,'" he said on his show. "Everything you've done. It's in God's hands now."

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