Google, AP Team Up for Scholarships

Once again, it's about the journalism -- the real content -- for Google and The Associated Press. This time, it's via six, $20,000 scholarships waiting to be awarded.

The AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship is "targeted to individual students creating innovative projects that further the ideals of digital journalism." The award is for undergrads and graduate students who are pursuing degrees at the "intersection of journalism, computer science and new media."

Applications are now open for the 2012-2013 academic year. The submission should include a project or concept that explains how your approach will move digital journalism forward. (Shoot, there might be some fresh start-up ideas in that pile!) Deadline is Jan. 27.

It's true that AP and Google have had their battles over distribution rights and other online bugaboos that the internet has caused, as it disruptively moves through different business models.

But AP, for one, on the program's site touts its relationship with Google as "build[ing] these vital skills in a new generation of journalists."

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