Google Engineer Creates Algorithm for Happiness

Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan says he's created a three-point plan for happiness.

Tan began his work on creating a happier, stress-free environment by creating a course to teach Google employees "mindfulness skills to enhance emotional intelligence and promote well-being," according to the BBC. He became part of HR and began his mission to create a happier life for Google employees. He created Search Inside Yourself, also the title of his book and the course. 

At SXSW in Austin, Meng's panel, "Make Yourself the Happiest Person on Earth" had three easy steps: 

1. Calm your mind 

Tan advised breathing exercises to calm the brain and "be mindful" of the breathing. “If that’s too hard, then just think about nothing for little bit,” Tan said, according to the BBC. Obviously, this is the first step in meditation which is about calming one's mind and lowering stress. 

2. Log moments of joy 

Basically, when you are having a great time or enjoying yourself, take the time to express your moment of joy. Modern-day people tend to hold onto the negative, so embracing a happy, positive moment is a necessity. It can also get us to believe that, when looking back, the day was a happy one. 

3. Wish other people to be happy 

Tan believes in altruism, including "Kindness is a sustainable source of happiness." Apparently charity work gives people almost as much joy as dancing (I think this also says something about how we need to start dancing.) It also feeds positive thoughts about others which lasts weeks. Basically giving is better than receiving. 

While there's some debate about the science of Tan's formula, there's certainly nothing wrong with implementing the three keys to happiness. And to think you have Google to thank for it.

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