Internet First: Google Hits 1 Billion

Google hit 1 billion unique visitors in May, the first Internet property to hit the billion benchmark, comScore reported.

Google sites rose 8.4 percent last month to hit 1 billion unique visitors and keeping its No. 1 spot, according to the Wall Street Journal. From the article:

During the same period, Microsoft maintained the No. 2 position with 905 million unique visitors in May, up around 15%, while Facebook’s count surged by 30% to about 714 million visitors. In May, Yahoo saw 689 million visitors, up 10.8% over the past year, though it was surpassed by Facebook in October.

The 1 billion benchmark should mean a lot to Google, especially when comScore began measuring visitor traffic in 2006, Google had less than 500 million unique visitors. By offering so many services in different languages on the Web and in mobile, Google has tried to keep itself relevant and spurred growth in several different countries.

That said, Facebook's 30 percent surge last month means that Google has to watch its back. Being an established search engine with 1 billion unique visitors a month is a great accomplishment, but in the world of tech that accolade is only temporary.

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