Google Plus Now Makes Memes

Put a meme on it!


Got a boring old photo of a cat and want to jazz up? Put a meme on it! Stuck with a silly picture of your brother making a dumb face? Put a meme on it!

Now you can do just that, thanks to Google Plus's latest addition to the service.

No longer do you have to go through the trouble if firing up Photoshop and trying to figure out what font those Cheezburger Cats are using. Now you can just drop a photo into your status window on G+ and click the "Add Text" button. Wallah! Instant meme.

In addition to G+'s 'add a mustache' and more recently  'add a reindeer' functions in Hangouts, the meme generator is bound to bring even more silliness to the internet.  Because, you know, the Internet needed more of that.

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