Google to Revamp Gmail

Google is working on a new Gmail redesign, the first since 2011, according to reports.

Google made some changes to its new mobile Gmail design, but now it's going to work on its desktop Gmail client too, according to Geek. However, if you liked the new mobile design, the desktop version will look very familiar.

The overall change is visible, and it lessens the importance of the tab system users were forced into last year. The window can shrink so you can look at incoming email and individual emails show up as "bars", according to Geek, with plenty of information if searching for information. There will also be new reminder and creation buttons at the bottom of the screens to let users know if there's something they need to do. (These can also be customized if you find them annoying or use them to create a checklist of chores.)

Gmail also borrows "pinning" and allows users to pin important emails before others, or users can turn it off and use chronological order for their email.

So far all the new features have been leaked, so there's no word from Google when the new Gmail will be operational -- or even if it's coming. Until then, keep looking at your Gmail to see if any new  features begin to launch. 

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