Google Updates ‘Hot Search,” But More Lukewarm

Google updated its "Hot Searches" feature to include images and related new stories, but says it will only be feature the "hottest" stories.

"With rich images and links to related news articles, you can glance at the list and instantly get an idea of why these topics are particularly hot at the moment and click to find out more about them," wrote Google Trends software engineer Nimrod Tamir on the Official Google Blog. "Unlike the previous version of Hot Searches, which always provided 20 daily results, the new page introduces a filtering system that helps us make sure that the list includes only the truly hottest news stories of the day."

As the Verge points out, that means a great deal less than 20 results -- it's now about three or four results. We wish it had at least 10 because we're programmed to think in Top 10 lists. Hasn't Google gotten that memo? Secondly, why doesn't Google incorporate the "Hot Searches" into the Google News section or even the search page? Right now, it's too hard to find for the average user to find.

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