Google+, YouTube Second- and Third-Largest Social Networks

With 1.1 billion users, Facebook is the undisputed champion of social networks, but two Google properties are second and third in line, according to a new report.
A little over half (51 percent) of all Internet users visit Facebook once a month, according to EMarketer. As for Google+,  Its reach is 26 percent, which makes it the second-largest social network. The third, however, is Google-owned YouTube which has 25 percent. Twitter comes in fourth with 22 percent. The rest of the Top 10 are regional Chinese social networks.
While it may be a novelty in the United States, digital marketing data collector EMarketer states that globally "Google+ has been much more successful."
The numbers seem to gel with other analysts reporting Google+ has about 343 million active users, ZDNet wrote.
EMarketer's information also goes on to say that for most businesses who want global reach, Facebook, Google+/YouTube or Twitter will be the way to sell ads. Other social networks will have a much smaller reach, especially if a business is not trying to reach regions of China.
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