Guns, Trucks and Cash: West Virginia Takes Vaccine Incentives to New Levels

The program will run from June 20 through August 4 and will be paid for using federal pandemic relief funds

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West Virginia is moving to expand its COVID-19 vaccine incentive program, Gov. Jim Justice announced on Tuesday.

Residents who enter the state's new vaccine incentive lottery will have the opportunity to win prizes such as custom hunting rifles and shotguns, custom trucks, weekend getaways at state parks and lifetime hunting and fishing licenses among other things, NBC News reports.

Those who enter will also be enrolled in an opportunity to win large monetary prizes like a full ride scholarship to any higher education institution in West Virginia, $588,000 as the second place grand prize, and a first place grand price of $1.588 million.

West Virginians who have already been fully vaccinated will need to register to be entered to win the prizes.

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The corporation Unilever is helping out with incentives encouraging people to get their COVID-19 vaccine doses. Free Klondike and Popsicle products will be given to patients and staff at clinics.
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