Half of All Android Devices Need Security Patch


More than half of all Android devices don't have security patches and are vulnerable to malware, according to a security company.

The findings are based on data from Duo Security, who not coincidentally also produced the free X-Ray for Android app, according to InformationWeek.  

"The stat is based on over 20,000 users who downloaded and ran the X-Ray mobile application on their device, and the current global distribution of Android versions," Jon Oberheide, CTO of Duo Security, told Information Week via email.

Oberheide said he knew the statistic would be hard for Android users to hear, but the lack of security patches is appalling. "Yes, it's a scary number, but it exemplifies how important expedient patching is to mobile security and how poorly the industry--carriers, device manufacturers, etc.--has performed thus far," Oberheide wrote on the Duo Security blog.

The lack of patches are based on both the lack of security patches issued and users not downloading patches. He also wrote that the number is actually a conservative estimate. His findings were also echoed by other studies that showed that security updates were only given to 56 percent of the Top 20 phones, InformationWeek wrote.
The news shouldn't come as a surprise to Android users. The problem is that with so many manufacturers and so many models, some must get lost in the cracks. Then add that many manufacturers have little interest in bettering older, outdated models because they want consumers to buy new ones, and you realize why the statistic is so low.
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