Several Beverly Hills Housewives Admit To Plastic Surgery

It takes a lot to look that ... surprised

It takes a lot to look good in the biz—constant exercise, eating right, and, if you’re one of the Beverly Hills housewives, a good plastic surgeon.

In an XM Radio interview with Judith Regan, the Huffington Post reports that several of the housewives from Bravo’s newest housewives franchise have  had at least one cosmetic operation.

Botox seemed to be the lowest common denominator, as most of the stars admitted to at least having a little injection of the stuff. (The treatment, we think, is really handy for reality television, as it makes it more difficult to show any sort of expression, save mild to moderate surprise).

Kelsey Grammar’s ex-wife Camille has had a breast augmentation and (her words, not ours), a “crock full of Botox.” Meanwhile, Adrienne Maloof admitted to getting Botox, fillers (that’s getting your lips pumped), as well as a nose job.

The strangest confession belonged to Kyle Richards, who said she got a nose job and Botox. The oddity doesn’t lie in the procedures, but rather that she kept it a secret from her husband for quite some time. 

While this plastic surgery certainly doesn’t reach Heidi Montag standards, these brazen and buxom ladies say there’s little inconvenience to the procedures. “Does any of it hurt?” Regan asked the cast members.  Seems like the answer would be obvious, what with all the poking and prodding and breaking of nasal passageways.

“No,” responded Taylor Armstrong. “Not really. Not if you go to the right people.”

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