Human Error Allowed Security Breach at Joint Base Andrews, Says Report

A Germantown, Maryland man made his way onto a government aircraft reserved for top officials and commanders at the airfield that is home to Air Force One

Joint Base Andrews
NBC Washington

A distracted guard and other security failures allowed an intruder to enter Joint Base Andrews last month and make his way onto an aircraft reserved for top government officials, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S. Air Force inspector general.

The guard manning an entrance gate was “distracted” and failed to follow procedures, waving through a car without checking if the driver had proper identification, said Air Force Lt. Gen. Sami Said, who briefed reporters on the report.

Once inside, the intruder wandered around for five hours, at a base that is home to Air Force One.

The report blamed "human error" for the Feb. 4 breach and said the guard had been “complacent” about security procedures. Afterward, the guard said he was distracted due to problems in his personal life, according to Said.

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