Indian Wells Idyll: Spring Break in the Desert

Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa has a play-and-chillax package, spring breakers.

YOU, A LOUNGE CHAIR, AND AN UMBRELLA: So many of us have the desire to purchase pencils and erasers and a lunchbox and a backpack each and every August, even if we're long past the pencil sharpener phase. (Though are we ever really truly past a really good pencil sharpener? No, is the answer.) And come March? We start hearing word of spring break destinations, and we imagine ourselves in a pool, or on a sandy shore, soaking in some rays and leaving our workaday world back where we left it. That we're all still on a semi-school schedule, in our brains, even if it has been awhile since we actually were in school, is a fact for many, but just because it is a quirk doesn't mean it won't work for us: We can go on a spring break, of sorts, if we just find the right balmy, sunny, pool-close spot.

THE RENAISSANCE INDIAN WELLS RESORT & SPA... is helping our spring-break-y longings with a special package made for spring-breakians and those who are just living spring break as a state of mind. It's called Spring Break in the Desert and, what luck, its dates extend far past the shorter window a typical spring break might follow. Which makes it easier to plan, and actually do, for those wanting to jump into a sunny spring getaway, at least for a couple of days.

MARCH 20 TO APRIL 9: Call it a nice, long, languorous stretch, as languorous as spring break should be. That's your window to book the package which starts at $299 per night and includes accommodations for the night, fifty bucks to spend around the resort, and "two ice cream treats" (score). As for where you'll likely be hanging out, spring-breakin' it up? Look for a trio of pools, a sandy beach, and waterfalls at what's billed as "the largest swimming pool complex in the region." Oh, and as for who may book? Nope, you don't to be be a true spring-breaker: Spring Break in the Desert is open to both grown-ups and families.

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