Insurance Company Delivers Settlement in Buckets of Loose Change

The coins amounts to more than $21,000

An unexpected delivery of loose change has a 73-year-old man in California giving his own two cents.

Andres Carrasco filed a lawsuit in 2012 against Adriana’s Insurance Service, Inc. alleging he was physically assaulted by one of the company's employees.

After agreeing to a settlement with Andres Carrasco in June, Adriana’s Insurance decided to deliver the funds in the form of a check -- and buckets and buckets of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.

The coins amount to more than $21,000, said Carrasco’s attorney Antonio Gallo.

"Adriana's Insurance, is this the way you treat everyone?" Carrasco said in a statement. "Why don't you like your clients?"

When the time to pony up for the settlement came, Carrasco’s attorney said eight of Adriana's Insurance employees arrived in a van with five-gallon containers full of coins in hand.

The employees then went to Carrasco’s attorney’s office, dropped them off in waiting room and left.

Carrasco had just had a hernia operation and wouldn’t be able to lift one of buckets, let alone the scores left by the company, Gallo said.

"I am disappointed by the way Adriana's treats their customers and the elderly,” Carrasco said in the statement. "We might be poor, but we are people too."

Officials with the insurance company did not respond to requests for comment.

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