Eight-Year-Old Girl Thrust Into Israeli Religious War

Naama Margolese is a shy eight-year-old schoolgirl who wants little more than to be able to go to school in peace. But when she walks to her religious Jewish school, she's met with vitriol from ultra-Orthodox extremists -- some who have spat on her and called her a whore for dressing "immodestly." "When I walk to school in the morning I used to get a tummy ache because I was so scared ... that they were going to stand and start yelling and spitting," she told The Associated Press Monday. "They were scary." TV cameras recently caught Naama sobbing while walking to school, and the second-grader quickly became a focal point of the country's burgeoning Jew-vs.-Jew religious war. "She is just a symbol for something bigger and more acute and dangerous for all of Israeli society," Israeli actor Tsviki Levin, who started a Facebook page dedicated to protecting Naama, told The Forward.

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